Have you missed me?

Well, I gave up on the idea of making my own theme.  I’ve not had time.  I’ve been running around like a loon and having a great time!  Have you missed me?

I know it’s been ages.. and I’m sorry about that…  I’m back in school for Computer Information systems and have just spent the last hour trying to figure out integer division. 

My website has had a lot of changes lately AND I’ve launched a new online store.  It’s taken up a lot of my time as well.

 I’m in the middle of teaching a Rally Obedience Course at Mahogany Ridge and it’s been a blast.  If you haven’t tried Rally yet, you should!  It’s obedience with a course!

The kids have been really good and have been enjoying the cooler weather.. Thank goodness we aren’t in Buffalo!

Anyway.. I’ve got more homework to do.  I’m hoping to post more often!