Slightly Damp
I've been reading up on antiperspirants and the dangers of the heavy metals in them. I'm stopping using them... Here's the problem.. my armpits are damp.. not wet, not stinky (much) just well, damp. I'm not used to this and I'm finding it disturbing. I've started using the Young Living Deodorant. I tried the Tom's of Main stuff and my underarms turned fire engine red and sore! OMG! so sore... I think it's the propolyne (sp?) glycol.. Young Livings has beeswax for a base and honestly, I'm really liking it.. the scent is fab, probably because they have therapeutic essential oils in it, but I think it's going to take a while to get used to that damp feeling. I have noticed that the first day I used it, well, I was a little stinky..I think it's because my body was adapting to acutally perspiring! After three days, though.. things have evened out... Good thing... my co-workers were giving me funny looks last week!

2 thoughts on “Slightly Damp

  1. Strenuous workout? What’s that?

    Seriously, I knew someone who never used any deordorant.. and he was never stinky.. even after a hard workout.

    I think what happens (at least for me) is that when you first go off the antiperpirants, they body over compensates (or maybe it has been trying very hard to sweat and is now trying too hard)

    All I know is that after a week, I’m not sweating as much anymore on just the deodorant. And I’m noticing that the intial stinky factor has decreased… almost as though my body is finding balance.

    I’ll keep you posted

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