The Great Borax Experiment
Anyone who has been following my saga knows about Targ's eye issues. Targie ManTo boil it right down, when he was three, his eyelids rolled in and ulcerated both of his corneas. Ugly.. after a 3 hour trip to a well known veterinary hospital where the doc there flat out said "Cut off part of his eyelid", we turned around and went home. We knew there was an underlying cause, but needed to find it. Our vet tacked his eyelids so they could heal. What we deduced was that Targ's eyes were swollen from his chronic ear infection (which was causing his entire face to swell) which was a side effect of his low thyroid levels that we knew were low but were coming back as "low/normal" so our vet said that he was fine. (not uncommon.. that is the correct answer for most dogs) However, we knew that he was suffering so we sent our results to Dr. Jean Dodds who said, yup it's low. After a few months of replacement therapy, his eyes healed beautifully and his general attitude improved. Now two years later, our vet looked at his eyes and said that she still thought that his eyelids were rolling in but it didn't look like it was doing any real damage and to keep "an eye on it". Fast forward to the Volhard Holistic Health Seminar. Wendy Volhard recommended a book by her friend Chris Day:Homoeopathic Treatment of Small Animals Principles and Practice that I picked up. I love it! In there is a reference to Borax for entropion. I'm going to give it a whirl with Targ. I ordered some from Washington Homeopathics and it arrived today. I'm excited to see if it helps with that last little bit! I'm also excited to see my vet's response!

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