Dogs of Dreamtime
Last year, at the Mahogany Ridge KidsCamp, I met a fascinating author, Karen Shanley. Karen spoke to the kids about writing about dogs and how she loved writing about her beloved beasts. I really enjoyed hearing her speak (as a camp counselor, I got to hear all the speakers and see all the demonstrations too! And let me tell you, there ain't nothing like watching 20 kids transforms themselves into confident handlers having a fabulous time with their dogs! but I digress) So anyway, I was so intrigued that I popped right over to her blog and gave it a gander. Good Stuff! Anyway, I knew she had written "Dogs of Dreamtime" because Theresa from Mahogany Ridge told me she was in it! Karen has an excerpt on her site and to be honest, I loved it. It was incredible. So I bought a copy. Karen graciously allowed me to post an excerpt on my blog. Read the excerpt of Dogs of Dreamtime Here But do visit her site.. it's a good one!

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