Hey, buddy, can you spare a dime?
One of the blogs I love to read is A Husky's Life, written by Indy Pindy. From his blog:
I am a gorgeous Siberian Husky living the good life in a condo in Maryland. I go to Doggie Day Camp twice a week and wrestle with my pals. My mom, dad and I also hang out with some people and dogs from a Husky rescue group. This is my take on the world.
To tell the truth, I think Indy's mom does most of the posting for Indy. I'm sharing Indy's blog with you because right now the Rescue organization that they work with, Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue, is hoping to raise funds for Emiko. Emiko is a siberian husky who is only 10 months old and was rescued from a puppy mill. Sadly, Emiko suffers from horrible cataract in both eyes and needs surgery. Without it, he will go blind. If you've got a little spare change floating around, why not donate it to Help Emiko. Every little bit helps.

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