Everything Old is New Again.
I get bored with things.. and then I have to tweek them.. I ran out of business cards almost a month ago.. a friend, who works with dogs took about 50! Anyway.. these are my old cards d.jpg And here they are after a little tweeking: d.jpg I put a rush on them because I'm going to need them next Friday. I used to do a lot of work with a local Pagan Group about two years ago. I lead a few seances, worked at some psychic fairs, etc. Well, they are having a psychic fair this upcoming friday and I asked if I could come "work". Every now and again, I like get some real challenging practice. They agreed that I could come play and any money I get will actually go back to them. Like I said.. it's practice for me and it's fun! I won't be doing regular old readings.. the place that they are having the fair does actually allow dogs so hopefully I'll get some folks who will let me chat with their critters!

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