Kefir Rocks!
I had been making yogurt for the furkids for years now. Firstly, it's cheaper than buying it (hello.. my dogs are huge) and I like that I can control the ingredients. If you really want to know how to make your own yummy yogurt, I have a recipe here. My friend Theresa gave me a quart of kefir after the furkids stayed at her place for the weekend. I have no idea what inspired her, but I suspect it had to do with the fact that she gave some to the kids while they stayed there and they loved it. This was confirmed with the rousing chorus of "YEAH! ! ! !" when I pulled it out for evening snack instead of their usual yogurt. Making yogurt is a heat process and it usually takes a few hours of time. Kefir? A snap. Theresa told me to just add whole milk to some of the kefir in a large glass container (to avoid germos that hide in the grooves in plastic) and let it sit on the counter overnight.. that's it. Perfect! and ya know what.. it's yummy.. I'm willing to drink this stuff! I also discovered through some surfing that I could make my kefir right in the milk container. OMG! Even Easier! So, I buy a gallon of milk, pour off about a quart of it and add a quart of kefir to the gallon container. Poof! Kefir in a convenient pouring container. Once I get the real feel for kefir, I'm going to try drying the grains or buying new grains to make from scratch. And speaking of snacks, doggie treats are on sale now in my store. For the Month of February, Buy Two Healthy Treats and get ONE FREE! Choose from Beef Heart Jerky, Beef Straps, or Liver Slivers. Use coupon code VALENTINE when you check out. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Kefir Rocks!

  1. Jan, you should be able to get kefir in your local grocery store :mrgreen: although you probably can’t make more kefir from it. But at least you can taste it and get a “feel” for it. It definatly has a differnt mouth feel than yogurt. But I have more time to drink my probiotics than to try and eat them, so I think I’m sticking with kefir. And if I can make something instead of buy it, I’m there!

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