Ruffin’ it
Today in the mail I got this! s.png My kids have had the Ruffin's.. (which are muffins made for dogs.) and they rock. I first met Dorothy at a fundraiser for Animal Lovers where we were both running booths. My puppies were itty bitty and honestly, we didn't make much money at our booth, but the experience for the kids was great. I hoofed it over to Dorothy's booth with ParmaQay in tow. (She was a perfect angel, which is more than I can say for some of the human children!) We bought a package of Peanut Butter Treats and had a great conversation with Dorothy about running small pet businesses (that would be small businesses.. not small pets.. sometimes the english language confounds me). We hit it off right away. Some time went by and Dorothy and I kept in touch mostly through email. Until she put a booth in one of the local malls, which is right across the street from where I work during the day. I'd pop over, we'd chat... she shared my business cards with customers and I'd put her treats in my newsletter. The last time I was there, I bought Ruffins and they almost didn't make it home... The smell of the peanut butter was amazing.. AMAZING! Omg... they smelled like my mother's home made peanut butter cookies... but I resisted.. it was difficult.. I mean, I could have eaten them.. they are made with wholesome, human grade ingredients, in Dorothy's kitchen. I walked in the door and my well behaved furry kids lost all their manners and almost knocked me over.. (I have over 400lbs of dog in my house). Those Ruffins' were GONE in no time.. omg.. they totally loved them. I don't ever promote products or people that I don't believe in.. and I totally believe in these treats... get some... your puppies will knock you over.

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