We hate our pants
Qay has come into season for the second time. She's a few months early, but I'm ok with that! We were worried that she would come in just in time for Training Camp. Considering the first time she came into season was just horrible on her, I'm very pleased to see that she is dealing very well. We didn't even realize that she was starting! Her first season she was bleeding like someone stabbed her and she was just miserable. She didn't sleep. She was restless and panting.. what fun. She was mopey and just pathetic. We decided that if it was going to bet that rough on her, that we would have her spayed. However, she is acting like a champ now! Except. She hates her pants. Last time she tolerated them without incident. Of course, she felt lousy. Qor, of course, tried to distract her.. or hold her still. I'm not sure which! Check it out for yourself!

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