My least favorite word: Lost
I brought my car into the dealership on Saturday so that they could change my oil and fix a few broken things... amazing what little things can go wrong.. Anyway, I didn't hear from anyone, so I called and no one answered the phone. No one.. not a receptionist.. not a recording.. no one.. So now I'm nervous because I'm off work today but I need my car for tomorrow.. are they closed for the holiday too? Eegads.. I'm screwed.. After three phone calls I finally get someone.. and they can't find my car. Seriously.. that was the phrase out of the service manager's mouth.. "We can't find your car". Can you imagine!? My new to me 2002 bright and shiney Gold Ford Explorer.. vanished! and with my futon mattress, doggie cookies, BitterSweet CD (that has that awesomes song "Mating Game" on it) and my car diffuser for my essential oils.. ICK! The guy had me on the phone for 13 minutes.. during which time, he let the handset sit on the counter so I could hear him asking everyone "do you have her car?" with a multitude of "nope"s following each question.. now I'm really sweating it.. He tells me he has to call me back because no one knows were my car is... it's lost. After freaking out for another 10 minutes, he calls back only to tell me that he didn't mean that they couldn't find my actual car but that they couldn't find the paperwork which meant someone was working on it but was out to lunch. GADS! couldn't he just have said that to start with and saved me the heart attack?

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