Cat Thursday
So, I've felt lousy all day.. and I came home, changed my clothes and before I did anything else, I went over to my friends house to feed the cats. We are supposed to get horrible weather here in the morning so I wanted to give them a little extra in case I don't get over there right away.. There are 7 cats.. the four that live there and the three that are being fostered. The three fosters are Molly (who scratched the heck out of me last time), Augie (who is terrified of me.. he grabs food and runs...) and Erza who lives in the bathroom. Ezra has been wanting to be a little more social and was scratching at the bathroom door while I was cleaning the litter boxes on the other side.. so I opened the door.. No biggie.. aired the room out a little. etc etc.. he sat there an watched me.. but never came out.. Food is down.. furries are everywhere. Everyone is having a great time noshing.. Augie.. where is Augie? Augie has run into the bathroom... I walk in just in time to see him bolt behind the bathtub (which is lifted off the ground and encased in waferboard.. you can see behind it and around it and the opening goes to under the sink... perfect hiding place) Crud.. he needs to come out of there.. I can't leave him in there with Ezra over night.. I banged on the tub.. I coaxed.. I pleaded.. I sneezed and blew my nose... I even fed them AGAIN hoping it would get him out.. I begged Teddy (one of the cats who lives there) to PLEASE go get Augie.. I really want to go home, have dinner and veg out.... I told Augie that if he didn't come out I couldn't leave and I knew he wanted me to leave.. So I decide to wait him out.. trying very hard not to let my frustration and desire for crashing (or dinner!) to pervade the room. I sit on the couch (which is covered in plastic.. hello 7 cats).. and while I'm waiting.. I feel... ah yes.. my butt is wet.. someone peed on the couch.. Someone peed ALOT on the couch.. oh great and it's pink. I clean that up and give all the kitties the hairy eyeball.. who could it be? Does anyone not look "right". I'm engaged in this until, finally 30 minutes later, Augie comes out.. I go home, fend off dogs and strip off my damp clothing.. (ew) Oh yeah, and I left my friend a note.. I'd take a kitty to the vet, but I don't know who it is! SEVEN cats! Oy!

3 thoughts on “Cat Thursday

  1. Oh my…it certainly sounds like today was NOT a good day for you, or for one of the seven! I hope tomorrow’s a better day for both of you.

  2. Oh yes.. it was pleasant.. Of course, my partner had to teach online last night which means I had to stay up to keep the dogs quiet.. she’s done at 11:30PM.. OMG I was so exhausted. I stayed home from work today..

  3. Great description. This reminds me of one of my favorite commercials where wranglers herd a large group of cats over the prairie. It’s a tough job but when they bring them in without losing a single one, they wouldn’t do anything else with their lives. Unfortunately I don’t remember what is being advertised.

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