Eventually, I’ll get the dust out of my nose..
Yesterday, I spent the day at the Eastern States Exposition Center working a fundraiser for Canine Cancer Research. This weekend was the four day Agility Event by Agility for a Cause. I had a great time! We raised lots o bucks, and everyone had a great time, from what I could tell (especially a little Viszla puppy who darn near shook his little butt off he was wagging his tail so hard! I had a ball watching that little butt bounce!) At the end of four days, a lot of dust and dirt has been flung about and a good amount of it is resting nicely on top of the EZ-up's. It an inside event, but there is dirt on the floors to run in. (as a side note the circus was there last week and aparently there was one section that NO dogs would run in.. we suspect the Lions were housed there) I took down four EZ-ups.. and everytime a puff of dust flew into my nose.. ew.. but it was worth it for all the good we did yesterday! Plus! I got a T-shirt!

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