Pet Food Recall! Check your Cans and Pouches!
More information here for dogs and here for cats. These pet foods may be causing renal failure in our beloved pets. Please check your pantry.

3 thoughts on “Pet Food Recall! Check your Cans and Pouches!

  1. I would strongly suggest that owners either return or dispose of any foods associated with the recall, whether or not the batch codes and sell-by dates correspond to those listed on the recall page.

    I’d bought a few pouches of Special Kitty Duck and Rice as a junk food snack for my cats earlier this week while making an emergency litter run. The first time I fed it, all three inhaled the stuff. The second and third times, only one of the cats was willing to touch it. He’s now in renal failure- and the codes on the empty pouches I’ve managed to fish out of the garbage thus far do not match *any* of those listed on the recall page. I still have a couple left to recover, but as all the pouches came from the same box, I am assuming that they, too, will probably bear the same code.

  2. I know there are MANY brands that are affected by this recall, but it would certainly be helpful if they could be listed by name. Is the recall mainly for gravey type foods?

  3. It’s for “chunks and gravy” type food.. this company makes so many of the “top” brands.. I’m assuming this means top selling because there are very few on that list I would feed.

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