Not so Wordless Wednesday

I’m bummed out..

For a few reasons.

1. Shel sprained her ankle. Big time. I feel so bad for her; she’s limping around the house. I can’t begin to imagine how frustrating that must be for her. I’m walking a fine line between patiently letting her do things in her own time and wanting to do everything for her.

2. Because Shel sprained her ankle, we won’t be going to Volhard Instructor/Training Camp next week. Such a drag.

3. I think I’m burning out. I feel like I’m often doing so many things for other people and often neglect myself and my own critters.

4. I’m tired. Shel was away visiting her family over the weekend and I just don’t do well when she’s not here. I went nuts.. I totally cleaned the pantry from top to bottom. I defrosted the freezers. I cleaned the back porch. I stayed up until 4AM three days in a row… I think maybe I got 5 hours of sleep in 4 days.


Ok, I’m done now.