Petty Minds
So, with Extreme Makeover Home Edition in town, the office was all abuzz.. the builder who is doing the work is right down the road. The woman who is getting the house adopts HIV positive kids.. she has two with HIV and one with Asbergers.. I think... All week I've been hearing from people that this woman is a bitch and that she's only doing it for the money.. blah blah blah.. This really annoys me... why do people have to do this? Is it jealousy? Is it a need to try and tarnish people who are trying to do good? Maybe she is a bitch, but so WHAT! I don't see any of these folks opening their homes... bah! Well, by Monday I'd had it. I was in the lunch room when one guy says to me..."you know that woman who is getting that house? Well my friend works for the law firm who is doing all the paperwork on this deal for the builders and she says the woman is a bitch, and is taking in kids for the money.. that she flips off her neighbors for no good reason".. I said, "really.. she knows this for a fact?" Oh yea, he says.. she said she's a real bitch. Here was my response: " You know what? you dont' know that. Regardless of if she is or not, she opened her home up to children with HIV. Children that no one else wanted. If you think this is for the money then you really need to have your eyes opened up to the "system" because she's not making any money. Do you have any idea what kind of health care these kids need? If she was doing it for the money, wouldn't she already live in a big georgeous house? How many times do you think she's heard "Get your AIDS baby out of my neighborhood!"? More than once I'm sure. She's moved 4 times in the past 6 years.. trying to find somewhere for her kids to be safe... does that make her a bitch? Do you think I'm a bitch? Because my neighbors do. Because I don't talk to them.. because I can't trust them to keep their dogs away from mine and I have to protect my dogs.. because my dogs will always get blamed even though I have the best mannered dogs in my neighborhood. Am I a bitch, for wanting to protect my family? " yeah, he was quiet after that.

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