Eek! I have bacteria on my counter!
Alright, I'm not really freaked out.. really,because I put that bacteria there! You probably know that I've made my own yogurt before. It's pretty yummy but a pain in the neck. You havee to heat the milk to 200 degrees, then cool it to 120, then keep it at 120 degrees for 4-12 hours. Well no more! I am liberated! Now I make Kefir. Kefir is a probiotic that has both live active cultures (meaning Gut Bugs) but also has beneficial yeasts as well. Plus is super easy to make. You get yourself some of these grain thingies (Grain is a misnomer: it's really a biomass of living bacteria) kefir grain You stick it in a large clean glass jar Jar Add milk and voila! In 24 hours you have Kefir! Easy Squeezy! One eensy little problem. The grains grow.. they grow and multiply. So sometimes I have to give them away. I just mailed some off to Cynthia at The dogs just LOVE this stuff. .and so do I.. and its good for you.. go figure! For more than you care to know about Kefir, visit Dom's Kefir In-site

6 thoughts on “Eek! I have bacteria on my counter!

  1. Thanks for the suggestion, definitely worth investigating. I have also given up making yogurt unless I have a lot of free time for fussing. (o, yeah, that happens.)

  2. I love love love Kefir.. you should see the SMOOTHIES!

    It’s not tart like yogurt unless you like it that way.. I’ve actually taken some already fermented kefir, stuck it in a screw top jar (about 1/3 full) with some ginger honey and let that ferment another 24 hours.. you get a fizzy sweet gingery drink!

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