Nor’easter did in our basement

Yeah, it’s damp…
Actually.. it’s really damp. We have always had a damp basement but the big ol storm we had last really made it icky.

I’ve been thinking about getting a basement dehumidifier. I’ve had friends tell me that they really work well! I don’t really understand how it works, but I found this really cool site that explains how dehumidifiers work their magic. Evidently, it’s all about condensation. Makes sense.

I’ve put off buying one because I didn’t really know what size to get or what kind to get or even what to look for. Fortunately, has an entire page dedicated to what features to look for in a dehumidifier.

It’s so funny to me. In the winter we have to “humidify” our house, but in the spring.. oy! I wonder if I can get a little one for the attic? We don’t have attic vents, but I do have windows that I open. I forgot to get to them this year until just the other day.. OMG, there were drops of water on everything!

Yeah, I think I’ll pick up a dehumidifier or two.