Oh, do you mean someone was going to EAT it?
According to the Chinese government, Xuzhou Anying did not declare the contaminated wheat gluten it shipped to the United States as a raw material for feed or food. Rather, according to the Chinese government, it was declared to them as non-food product, meaning that it was not subject to mandatory inspection by the Chinese government. In addition, in a communication to the U.S. government, the Chinese government has requested that FDA either request or require that U.S. importers of plant protein products insist on AQSIQ certification, based on AQSIQ testing, as part of the import contract. According to a media report, China's Foreign Ministry issued a statement that the contaminated vegetable protein managed to get past Chinese customs without inspection because it had not been declared for use in pet food. The news report said the contamination problem has prompted China to step up inspections of plant-based proteins and to list melamine as a banned substance for food exports and domestic sales.
Full FDA Import Notice can be found here Thanks to Indy Pindy's Mom for the link!

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