Mud Art
This was my bed That'll teach me to not make the bed.

4 thoughts on “Mud Art

  1. I actually like it! LOL! We should invent sheets with paw prints already on them. One, because they’re cute. And, two, because they’d help hide the real dirt ones. What’s a little dirt anyway, right? 🙂

  2. a LITTLE Dirt? Oh my no.. my dogs feet are huge.. that was a LOT of dirt!

    So, what did I do when I discovered it? Laughed. a lot.. and then took pics… I mean if that isn’t doggy love, what is?

  3. You should have the ‘kids’ do more of this art, then you could sell it at the event/dog shows, etc. and have the proceeds go to an agreed upon charity…. just like some of the zoos do with the ‘elephant’ art. Just a thought!

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