A Day of Ups and Downs
Saturday was Dr. Lesser's chiro clinic at Mahogany Ridge. Shel and I go up and hang out all day. Sometimes we hold a dog.. sometimes we help someone figure out what someone's dog is having an issue with. And sometime's we help out with our own brand of kinesiology.... It was definately a day of ups and downs.
  • We got to visit in between dogs. Dr. Lesser is a dear friend and we always have a great time discussing dogs, joints, brains, Broadway, music and food.. odd combination but there it is.
  • Dr. Scerba, who is a wonderful TVCM practitioner is taking the Chiro course and came to sit in. Always interesting to watch Dr. Lesser teach.. especially when our kids get to be demo dogs!
  • I baked this: Three Berry Pie It was yummy
  • Someone from a rescue group (who I shall not name, so don't even ask) brought in a little dog (and that is the only description I'll give) who was crying out to be released from her body. It was all I could do not to break down in tears.. oh wait.. I did. Sometimes, empathy sucks.
  • Dr. Lesser (yes, I call her by her first name in private, but she worked hard for that title and I'm going to use it in public!) showed us some awesome picture of her testing the theory that when you show in obedience, you should wear the same color pants as your dog. It was neat to see how different a "straight" sit looked with patterned pants (really BIG flowers).
  • I resisted the urge to correct someone's dog training advice. It would not have gone over well. I'm sorry but with high prey agility/herding dogs, you don't teach them to gently take a treat from your hand by snatching you hand away and yelling OW! Talk about encourging them to go after your hand... that might work for some dogs.. but not that one!
  • I confused the heck out of someone. One of my regular clients was there and she brought a friend who had two of her dogs adjusted. She came back to see me while I was in the yard playing with my dogs. She asked, "Are you one of the ummm... animal communicators?" and I said yes. She wanted to know if her dogs said anything to me while she was in there. What confused her was my response, which was "Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention". When she looked befuddled, I elaborated "I don't listen in to private conversations or even try to get every animal to talk to me. I think it's rude. If they wanted to say something, they would have gotten MY attention... not the other way around.".. She was disappointed but oh well.. it *IS* rude.
  • All the kids got adjusted.. thank goodness!

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