Maiden Voyage
Well, here it is.. the maiden voyage of ...... Five on Friday ***insert exciting cheering here*** What is Five on Friday you ask? Well, it was inspired by Karen... no, not that Karen... this Karen more specifically this post. Karen sent me an email about this post, asking if I had only $5.00. Well, yeah, I did.. and I was going to use it on Ebay.. or maybe lunch.. I'd been craving some nasty food. But... but... Ok I couldn't spend it on me.. I gave it to her friends Chris and Jenn for their trip to Swaziland. (at the end of May to volunteer a month of their time, and as many supplies as they can muster to the small town of Manzini..) They raised almost $1100 from the blogosphere alone! Holy cow! (as an aside: Karen has now offered up her tender girly bits to the Brazillian Wax Gods in an attempt to raise $10,000... I shudder in sympathy.. OW!) Well, I thought.. if I have $5.00 for them.. who ELSE do I have $5.00 for? Turns out I had a few extra $5.00 floating around.. Sure, it meant I had to bring my lunch to work (GASP!), but what the heck.. it didn't kill me... and I decided to do it every payday aka Friday. And I'm going to tell you all about it! So, $5.00 on Friday is my attempt to encourage others to find their extra $5.00 and give it to someone who needs it more that they do. If a Friday rolls around and you find you've got a little extra, give it away to someone. And then blog it! Let everyone know about your charity and why you love it. Email me on this page before your post goes up and I'll put a link here. Oh, yeah, and tell the world how awesomely cool you are... pop this code in your blog:
Five on Friday
Look for more info on today's Five on Friday later today!

3 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage

  1. Another blog pal raised a bunch of money so a man in S.Africa could put a roof on his house for his family with winter coming.

    It’s amazing what we’re individually capable of doing for each other without having to wait for some international organization or govt to get in the way.

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