I’m on Martha Stewart!
Ok, that might be a little misleading.. a company that I'm a distributor for is going to be on Martha Stewart! (Thursday the 24th) I'm so excited. For years I've been using Young Living products and because they are a MLM Company I think they have a reputation for pushing products. Personally, I don't push them. I don't care if you use them or not.. of course *I* use them.. I love them and I know many a dog who has benefitted from the essential oils. I take two of their supplements daily and have really found that I feel better! Anywho, I think this little stint on Martha will help lend a little credibility to the products. They are excellent, in my humble opinion, but unfortunately, there have been too many distributors that are not informed fully on how essential oils work. I've heard recommendations for animals that are not really safe. Actually, I've heard recommendations for people that aren't really safe! Too much oil is usually the big one... a little goes a long way people! But then if you sell someone too much oil, well you make a little too much money I think! Here's hoping it's done well. Tune it.. it might be good!

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