Poofy Face

Poor Qor. We did finally figure out that she has problems with beef and wheat. So we’ve been very careful what we feed her. Yesterday we got an Azmira shipment. I am putting together a donation basket for the Baystate Bullmastiff Club specialty. I got all kinds of good stuff, plus I added in our stuff (I don’t sell it if I won’t use it. We needed more multivitamins and glucosamine, plus I ordered Rejuva Gel for Qor’s face. She has some skin fold pyoderma)

I also got the kids a few treats. Specifically Liver Slivers. Detoxified beef liver that has been dried. It’s good and stinky and just a perfect little snack.

Well duh.. BEEF liver.. I didn’t even think and I gave her a piece. And today, her poor face is all poofy and swollen. She has been living on benedryl today. I don’t know what we are going to do on bone day.

Poor kid.