Supplement Your First Aid Kit
Every dog parent should have a first aid kit. I can't tell you how many times ours has come in handy. I'm not going to repeat what many people have said should be in a a pet first aid kit. (Here's a list) Here are a few homeopathics that you can add to take care of your first aid needs.
  • Arnica (Tune in Agility dog folks!): For strains, sprains and bruising. My first aid kit has both 30c for slight muscle issues and 200c for a major issue. Arnica can really make a difference between a dog who is lame for a week and a dog who is lame for a day.
  • Aconite 30c: When you just don't know what is going on. Suddenly your dog just starts freaking out.. or maybe something is really wrong but you can't pin point it. Aconite is what you use for "sudden onset" of acute symptoms.
  • Nux Vomica 30c: When your dog has over indulged in a few to many special treats and has a lovely bout of indigestion, Nux Vomica is called for. Nux helps with sour stomach, vomitting, and diarrhea.
  • Carbo Veg 30c: For a different type of stomach upset. For the (ahem) paint peeling gas that even your dog is embarassed by.
  • Ledum 30c: For all bug bites except bee stings. Although it will help with bee stings, your better off with Apis 30c for that. Ledum will help stop an allergic reaction to spider, flea and tick bites. Also effective for puncture wounds.
  • Phosphorus 30c: Phosphorus will help stop bleeding.
  • Belladonna 30c: for Fevers and sudden red inflammation
I spent the bucks on Washington Homeopathics Animal Rescue Kit. The really cool part is that all of these homeopathics will also work for people! Some of my favorite books on Homeopathy are

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