Hope over at the GollyLog posted a beautiful picture of Dax. If you love the Frog Dogs or even if you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, you have to see this stunning pic. I did wonder about Dax's name though. There is a character in Star Trek Deep Space Nine called Dax (A Trill) . Jadzia is my preferred host over Ezri , but I digress. Star Trek has always seemed to be more "spiritual" in nature to me than SciFi-ish (is that a word?). When you consider the Trill, they are the epitome of reincarnation and past lives. The Trill (aka Slug in my house) continues on in a new host when the old host dies. When Dax (the Trill) was joined with Curzon (the host) he did a lot with the Khitomer Accords, the Alliance between the Klingons and the Federation. Why this long post about Star Trek?
  1. To point out that I watch too much Sci-Fi
  2. To show you that Hope's Dog and my Dogs have a "mythical" relationship
  3. To give myself one more opportunity to talk about my Klingon Dogs
Bullmastiffs are very much like Klingons. Aloof and distant with strangers, utterly and completely loyal with their loved ones. With a high sense of honor and structure, they believe there is a right and wrong way to do things. At home, hugely loving. In public, imposing beasts. And look at these ridges They look a lot like Targ's head up in the header image, don't they? Targ's name is actually ChaNob Bol, a loose translation: Ritualistic Gift of Drool. But he is more of a "Targ". A pet. (Although, there are mutiple translations) Qor is actually named "StoVoQor" or Klingon Heaven or Nirvana. Where all good warriors go when they die. It is a place to drink and party and battle. Qay is actually ParmaQay or Divine Love. Your ParmaQ is your soul mate. Your one true love. Klingons "mate" for life. Back to that Loyalty thing. All of their commands are in Klingon. My favorite is Qa'Plah! Meaning to go Forward With Great Honor. It's how we try to live our days out here. So to all my Blogging Friends. Qa'Plah!

2 thoughts on “Qa’Plah!

  1. Qa’Plah!
    Dogs are just natural Trekkers – boldly going whether we want them to or not!
    Our agility instructor had a great story. She was explaining how you can use any commands you wish, as long as you’re consistent. She’s had people train their dogs to respond to German, French, English and other languages. She was watching one trainee and couldn’t understand a single word he was saying to his dog. You probably guessed – he was using Klingon!
    And much as I love Worf; your Targ, Qor and Qay are cuter.

  2. Cool! I knew there were a few more of us out there!

    I get the funniest comments, like “Isn’t it hard for them to understand?”…

    or my favorite, “Wow, they are going to have a hard time learning their names!”..

    um… nooooo… not really!

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