Hope over at Golly Gear has honored me with the Blogger Reflection Award.
To tell the truth, I'm not entirely sure why, but I'll take it... šŸ˜€ Thank you! It's funny, I've been reflecting on a lot of things lately. Call it nostalgia, call it summertime blues.. I dunno.. maybe it's the mind numbing stress headaches that have kept me away from the computer for a week. If it were anyone else I would say "oh put some peppermint oil on your head" or "drink more water" or "take a homeopathic".. but what do I do? Down 6 Advil and pray that the sun stops shining because it hurts. Is this another case of "Do what I say, not what I do?" Why is it that once in a state of misery, it's so easy to stay there? I often find the people in health care or rescue organizations or alternative care (guilty!) don't take care of themselves. And yet one of the things that we learn when we learn Reiki is that in order to be a better channel for Universal Energy, we must take care of ourselves first. So today, as I was driving to work, I could feel my eye start to twitch and my head start to throb. I gave myself a good talking to (kind of like what I do to my friends.. pulled no punches) I said "look! you HAVE to go to work.. so you might as well suck it up and make the best of it.. do you want to spend another night on the couch in AGONY with the dogs looking at you like you might explode any minute? Is that what you want? HUH?!" My headache went away.. Poof! And it was amazing the things that came into my head. Little joyous things. Like the way the breeze was moving the few piece of grass along the highway, perservering in spite of the highway that was intruding. That's me.. I'm that little blade of grass.. so different from everyone and everything around me... yet strong in spite of it. I think I had forgotten about my own inner strength.. I was letting all the BS and the catfights and the foolishness at work get me down.. I think sometimes the desire to fit in comes back after years of not worrying about it.. I was a teenager all over again.. I took a good hard look at myself... what is WITH this hair? It's been growing out.. I realized that my desire to grow my hair was to fit a "look"... well dammit, I think it's time to buzz it off again. I've been craving cigarettes and alcohol (gave both up 7 years ago)... but I suspect it's the camaraderie that comes with it.. the desire to be one with the cool kids... Yeah, I'm over it. I'm way cooler than them anyway. When I really look at them, they are as miserable as the "cool" kids in school.. Who wants that? Not me.

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