A Place for Everything and Everything in it’s Place
Cyn over at Tip Tail wanted to know where I keep my leashes... I figured I'd better just show you. Leash holder For $24.95 it brought back my sanity and made it possible for me to use my coat rack again.

6 thoughts on “A Place for Everything and Everything in it’s Place

  1. so this is the dog that you had to deskunk? oh my…and I thought it was bad when I had to do two dogs at 11pm. but we hadn’t let them in the house! 🙂

  2. hehehe… Targ is the one we had to deskunk (more pics here- click)

    At the time he was way over weight. (Thyroid issues) and went out to pee at 2AM. We went back to bed until he came back in (fenced yard) and he came running in full tilt and rubbed all over everything!


  3. Thanks Johann! We fill those hooks up pretty quick, though. The kids have everyday collars, agility collars, walkie collars, vet visit collars, social butterfly collars.. etc etc.

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