Starving Kittens

So, I’m cat sitting again . Once again there are 7 cats… the four that live there and three that are being fostered.. Two of the three fosters are different..

They are kittens.. tiny little furballs. Their mom was killed by a car so when my friend got them, they were 4 weeks old. They had to live in the basement apartment (unrented) until they were old enough to be tested for any manner of disease. I watched them overnight when they were that tiny. I didn’t share that story, but I have to tell you that two tiny kittens are itty bitty poo machines. Ew.. it was pretty awful. They didn’t know how to use the litter box yet.. can’t blame the poor wee things..

It was very difficult to find them then. They would run and hide from me.

Not any more… You’d think I didn’t feed them! ! !