I’ve got Schmoooze!
Schmooze! Therese at the Pet Sit USA Blog, thinks I've got the Power of Schmooze! The award was originally created by Mike of Ordinary Folk and his friend Danielle of Pink Reviews. This is what Therese said about my humble little blog:
With topics ranging from recipes, to commentaries on news stories, to natural health and healing, Fuzzy Logic seems to cover a lot of ground!
Now I've got a few Schmoozers of my own.. A Husky's Life: Indy uses his power of Schmooze to help other huskies.. specifically in the Harnessed to Hope Husky Rescue TipTail: From Agility to Zen!: Cynthia does a lot of blogging to help her rescue organization Utah Collie Rescue Golly LogWith such small adorable dogs who have amazing attitudes, I'm always waiting for updates on their escapades! Way to go Munchkins!

2 thoughts on “I’ve got Schmoooze!

  1. Congrats! You are schmoozing with the best schmoozers there are! I love the website link, very nice – giving me some ideas!

    Woof, Johann

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