Calling All Dog People!
I need your help.. Well actually my friend Laura needs your help... Laura needs a new name for her business.. the one she picked is already in use... You've seen her logo, right? with the puzzle piece? She loves that.. so we'd like to use that somehow... And she's definately Aunt Laura... she does dog training in obedience and agility, sells Shure Pets products and will be opening a doggy daycare in the future... So, toss out some ideas.. leave me a comment with your suggestions... if you need more info on what she does, leave a comment, I'll reply. If Laura picks your name, I'll give you a free bag of Azmira Liver Slivers and a bag of Beef Heart Jerky.. the STINKIEST TASTIEST Training treats you'll ever use...

4 thoughts on “Calling All Dog People!

  1. Hi, this is Laura. Thanks, Jen for helping me with this. You are awesome!

    How about Aunt Laura’s Canine Link? It still fits with the puzzle pieces.


  2. Aunt Laura’s Doggie Treats

    Aunt Laura’s Canine University

    Paw Shakers (from the picture)


    Aunt Laura’s League of Paw Shakers

    Give Me Paw (like give me five) .com is taken

    High Paw (like in high five or alternatively for high scale doggie fixin’s like in High Brow

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