Are all those vaccinations REALLY necessary?
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Once a year, you get that postcard reminder that Fido and Fluffy are due for their annual vaccinations, you know the drill. Or do you? Does your pet really need to be vaccinated every year? There is now much evidence to the contrary, even as some pharmaceutical companies and some veterinarians are dragged kicking and screaming into the new world of revised vaccination protocols. Get a quick overview of how your pet's immune system gets started and how to help keep it running most efficiently. Learn about which shots he really needs to have and which he doesn't -- and why. With your vet, you can be a partner in your pets health care choices and make informed decisions because, yes, you do have choices. Please join Capital Area Professional Pet Sitters (CAPPS) and Dr. Kristin Gundersen of Parkside Veterinary Hospital on Monday, October 1st at 7pm at the William K. Sanford Town (of Colonie) Library for this very informative presentation. The library is located at 629 Albany Shaker Road @ Maxwell Road (near the Times Union Building). Reservations must be made with the library at 518-810-0314.
I'm very excited about his.. especially since this is MY vet's office doing this! WOOO!

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