I can’t believe it’s still in one piece
DogToys.com - Toys, Treats and Gifts for your pet I just realized that we bought a few of these when ChaDich was still alive.. TWO years ago.. Its still in one piece. No small feat around here. Someone at worked asked me what were the best toys for their pitbull mix since she destroys everything in sight.. I can sympathize. Do you remember this? That toy lasted 10 minutes. Here is proof of the toughness of these toys. Dirty Rotten Kittiesimg_2155.jpg Yeah, they have a few tears, but after two years in a house of three bullmastiffs? I mean come on... has them if you can't find them in your favorite pet store

6 thoughts on “I can’t believe it’s still in one piece

  1. Oh, thanks for sharing the adorable video of how dogs ‘love’ their toys. Athena picked her teddy bear up yesterday and I found bits of stuffing around the living room and hall in the morning. Good to know that she still ‘loves’ toys at 15 years!

    Thanks for the video post!

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