I’ve never wanted to do laundry so badly
Our washing machine broke about three weeks ago.. and we said it was silly to fix a 10 year old machine for $200 when we could get a new one for $300. Right now... well, I"m reconsidering that thought... Why? Well... I think I'll just show you. It's much easier... I'm saving this for the "One Day We'll Laugh About This" file. I can't bear to look at it so you'll have to click for more Washing Machine. It's not going up.. and it's not going down... oh that is my 30ft lead around it.. we used it to move it... Tonight.. we get out the saw.

8 thoughts on “I’ve never wanted to do laundry so badly

  1. Well we sawed the beam… and it didn’t go… we would need to cut about a foot out of the beam and it’s supporting…so.. um no..

    Our neighbor is a carpenter. He is going to take our stairs off, help us lower it down and put the stairs back on..

    I could have fixed my old washer (10 years old) for $200 and said “Why would I do that when I can get a new one for $300.. well I’ve been without a washer for 3 weeks and the dog drooly blankets are piling up.. and I’m sure my neighbor will charge me to take the stairs off.. (I told him to)

    So that $200 repair is looking pretty good now.. I probably wouldn’t have all the bruises and scrapes!

  2. Err… Maybe shouldn’t ask this question, but how will the new washing machine go back up?

    Until then, some of those coin laundries have machines that will do 40 lb loads! Now there’s a thought. A commercial grade washer at home to do all your laundry in one load. 🙂

  3. well, with three of us, we sort of un-wedged it .. so that it would go up but not down.. and took my 30ft. lead, wrapped it around and hauled that puppy back up.

    It’s in my kitchen now.. taunting me.

  4. okay…now that was just too funny. I can just see you going ARGH! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! over the stupid machine.

    Best wishes getting it where it needs to be though…there is something to be said about a main floor laundry. Perhaps some renovating is in order?

  5. you have no idea.. we had to take the stairs off! Thank goodness for the handyman neighbor.

    I would love to have a first floor laundry, but I don’t have the floor space.. I could put it on the back porch if it was insulated. We did think about it though.

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