An Update
As I suspected, Qor was developing some granulated tissue on her eye. About two weeks ago, we had her eyelids tacked back to let an ulcer hear... Long story short: The stitches that were supposed to hold her eye open were actually starting to rub on her eye. When they were removed the entire ulcer had already started all over again. I wasn't happy with the first surgery. The vet who did it pretty much judged the heck out of me and made me feel like a horrible pet parent.. I don't feel that she did the job she should have. So, now a week later, She is back in today for her regular vet (who was not available the first time) to put the stitches back in and she will have a temporary contact lens over her bad eye with the granulation. We are hopeful that this will let her eye heal. As of right now, our Disney trip is on hold and we desperately need some fun... we are both horribly stressed and wound out.. (we had a huge fight a few days ago and we never fight)... Not that Disney should take precedence over Qor, mind you, but it's just more money down the tubes if we can't go...(to the tune of $2000). We discussed entropion surgery again with our vet and she is thinking it's an option but that she would want to ideally do it when her eyes are not swollen so she can see how much tissue to take. Shel and I both have a good feeling about this procedure and believe it will do the trick. We talked to our vet about how she has such a hard time coming out of the anethesia and she is going to change which drugs she uses. She also will send us home with umm.. Tramadol? I think that's the one.. along with the aspirin for pain. She's doing pretty well. She's home and the swelling from this surgery is no where near as swollen... maybe 1/4 of the swelling.. which confirms for me the first vet didn't really put her whole heart into it.. I'm trying very hard not to be totally ripped about that.. but that woman will never lay another hand on one of my dogs.. Ever.

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  1. Poor Qor, it all sounds so painful. I hope this procedure works out for her. Judgmental veterinarians should be confined to empying anal glands.

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