Get a Puppy and Shoes to Match!
I have long been a fan of Carol over at Bullmarket Frogs: Frog Dog Blog. I think it was bee-a-yoooo-taful Delilah that did it. But what I also enjoy almost as much is Carol posts tagged with Incredible Feats of Stupidity. As a breeder of small dogs (or big dogs in small bodies) Carol gets a lot .. and I mean a lot of people who want to buy her dogs for novelty or appearance. Usually she handles these issues with grace and a polite "don't be a dumba**". This is my favorite thus far. Short, sweet and to the point... This post sums up why Carol is getting the Responsible Pet Blogger Award! Responsible Pet Blogger Way to go Carol! Keep up the good work! PS: If you want to snag the pic, here is the code: Responsible Pet Blogger PPS: Know someone who deserves the Responsible Pet Blogger Award? Leave a comment here

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