Getting Misty
I am a HUGE Stephen King fan.. HUGE! ! ! ! I have all the books.. seen all the movies.. I will get to Maine one day to see his house.... and probably be arrested as a stalker. One of my favorite short stories is the The Mist by Stephen King. It totally scared the crap out of me when I read it. (Probably because it reminds me of John Carpenters, the Fog.. but with Creepy Giant Monstery like things instead of dead Pirates) I was very excited about the Mist coming out as a movie... Unfortunately many of his stories are either to cerebral for making a good flick (Like the Shining.. the book was WAY better than the movie... Stanley Kubrick aside). Even when King himself tried to redo it for TV it just didn't rock your mental world the way the book does... or the gooey bits have to be edited for the film. Like in Misery.. Annie breaks Paul Sheldon's foot.. but in the book, she cuts it off with an axe and then cauterizes the wound with a blow torch.. this is after she serves him his own thumb as a special candle on his birthday cake.. : : Shudder : : But I digress.... The Mist is just the type of story to be an excellent movie... no cheesy effects.. just spoooky.. Check out the Trailers,. I highly suggest that you do... The movie is coming out on November 21st.. one day after my Birthday. I'll probably have to go by myself because Shel isn't really into these types of movies. The short story is more about psychological fear.. you can't see what is in the mist.. you are trapped with a bunch of other hysterical people.. .. oh and your wife is 1/2 way across the island and you know she's being eaten up by the oogie boogie you can't see... oh I can't WAIT!

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  1. I love Stephen King too. I love the scary and I love his humor. In the past few years I’ve seen and read a lot of interviews with him and read many of his columns. Now I love him as a human being as well as a writer. There is no celebrity/writer ego about him at all. So refreshing.

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