But it was MY 12 cents
So Shel and I decided to get take out last night. So much going on with the holiday coming up and the kids being watched like hawks because of the stitches ... oh I forgot to mention that Qay was spayed on Thursday... all three beasts are going to the vet on Saturday. We've asked out vet if she is a masochist since she plans to cram them all into one hour! Qor will have her eyes recheck... Qay will have her stitches out and Targ will have acupuncture. oy! But I digress.... So we got take out from a restaurant that shall remain nameless... let's call it "Hot Peppers Place" or HPP. 😉 And I run in to the bar (hate that) to wait for the food.. normally there is a take out counter but I guess it was too quiet last night to warrant having someone on the take out counter. A waitress brings me my food and the bill is $29.88 ... I hand her $30 and she says "Thank you have a great night!" in her most peppery peppy voice and walks back into the kitchen. (Incidently I rarely tip at the take out counter.. as far as I'm concerned, there was no service involved there) But my point is.. it was my 12 cents! How did she know I didn't want it back?!

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