A Standing Ovation for Animals
Once again, I feel compelled to share a link to another blogger who has shown themselves responsible. I just stumbled upon Lynn Sinclair's blog, Animal Ovation I'm awarding Lynn the Responsible Pet Blogger Award! ! ! Responsible Pet Blogger Award Responsible Pet Blogger Award Check out her blog for some great info on feline diabetes, a few posts on animal activism without being an extremist, a few comments on the absurdity of some laws, and a truly wonderful story on "How to get rid of a stray cat in one (not so easy) swoop". Congratulations Lynn!

4 thoughts on “A Standing Ovation for Animals

  1. I’m honoured for the award, and pleased that you took the time to stop by my blog. I see by your list of Responsible Pet Bloggers that I’m in very good company.

    Thank you,

  2. I would be responsible pet owner if it weren’t for my dogs and cat. I think you should have a responsive human category for those of us who learn so quickly what our pets teach us. 🙂

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