Neglecting my dogs
I noticed that recently, I've been neglecting to let you know how my dogs are doing.... I'm such a bad parent. So, here is the rundown.. are ya ready? Targ: Targ is doing very well. He's my happy goober boy. I can tell it's winter since he's been sneaking into the bed to snuggle up at night. As you've seen, neither one of us is particularly small so a 160lb dog in bed makes things a little cramped. But he's going on 6 now and in a large breed, that is on the higher end of middle aged. You wouldn't know it though the way he leaps around like a loon. Especially now that we got our first real snow of the year. Qor: Her eyes are healed up finally! She's set to be spayed next week (shudder). Then we are detoxing her. She's been on so many meds it's nuts. I tried to get a pic of her eyes for the vet because now when Qor sees her coming, she slams them shut. Evidently for the camera as well. Or they could just be sensitive to the light for a bit. img_2308.JPG They are still a little swollen here. This is two days after the stitches were out. Qay: She's something. My dog, she's something. She really makes me laugh every day. She healed up beautifully from her spay surgery and feels like a million bucks. Initially, she needed to adjust to loosing her hormones. She seemed to immediately develop behaviors she would have while she was in season. I read something about a hormone surge from another gland when dogs are spayed in Dr. Fox's article. A sort of compensation thing. After a week of pulsatilla homeopathic, she was fine. Anyway, that is the scoop. I want to write about something Targ experienced last winter (Limber or Cold Tail) but I have to find the pics!

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