Tag! I’m it!

Therese at the Pet USA Blog tagged me!

It’s the first time I’ve been tagged. (I think.. I’m 99% sure)

Anyway, I get to list the to 7 things that annoy me… and she added a lovely bit.. 7 things that that make me smile.. so here goes

Things that annoy me

  1. People who ask for advice and get annoyed when you give it to them (especially when they don’t want to hear it)
  2. Ignorance… and the unwillingness to inform yourself
  3. People who don’t pick up after their dogs.. after the spring thaw, my neighborhood sidewalks look like a poop graveyard.
  4. The incredible strange desire that some people have to speak to me in the bathroom… can’t I get a minute here? bug me at my desk when I’m done
  5. And on that note.. self flushing toilets that flush repeatedly….
  6. Reruns… and bad ones at that
  7. Self absorbsion…. there actually are more people on the planet than you.

Now the fun bits.. things that make me smile.

  1. Watching my dogs playing in the house… and almost bringing me to my knees
  2. Qay, when she gets a cardboard box and she trots through the house like she just claimed the bestest thing in the world!
  3. Qor’s instigations
  4. Targ’s “Huh?” face.
  5. Shelley’s giggle… I never knew I was so funny.. I’ll do anything to hear her giggle
  6. Squirrells… I love those little funny buggers.
  7. The smell of fresh cut grass
  8. The sound of bullfrogs singing

Ooops.. that’s 8.. oh well.

Now.. I tag..


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