Qor has been doing very well since she was spayed last week. Her poor belly looks like... well like she's been cut open and put back together... her incision actually looks better than Qay's did, because Qay had a "bleeder" and they had to go back in. ::shudder:: She's so funny, that Qor.. she sits up with the classic puppy sit so everyone can see her incision. We've taken to calling her FrankenPuppy... she seems to like it.

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  1. Our vet used that new way of sewing up Gracie when she got spayed last year. They sew the under layer(s) (disolvable stitches) and then glue the top layer – graphic I know! But she healed so fast, and you can’t even tell she had an incision. You really couldn’t see much of an incision from the day she came home from the vet. I thought it was just amazing!

    Of course Mum put Traumeel on the incision two times a day, just in case.

    So different than when Mum had her first cat spayed 20 years ago. Course us boys, we have it easier, I think!

    Glad Qor is doing well!

    Woofs, Johann

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  2. How old was Gracie? I think it’s different for our dogs since they are three years old and have been through 4 heat cycles. Plus, they are over 100lbs with Too much energy!

    Unfortunatley, it’s major surgery when you wait until the dogs are older… but we wanted them to have their estrogen for bone growth.

  3. Poor Fankenpuppy! You should see the size of the incision of a 100+pound saint puppy… It is brutal!

    I feel so aweful for them when they are feeling bad. But she will be back to her old self in no time and will be so much better for it.

    Give her some extra hugs and kisses (and licks) from us.
    Lora and the pack

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  4. I’m actually pretty impressed at how well she is doing. I would imagine that the incision on a 100lb St. B puppy looks pretty close to the incision on a 112lb bullmastiff!


  5. From what I’ve heard, when they are little, they can even do the flank spay.. smaller incision.. I’ve had vets tell me they would rather do 10 obstruction surgeries to one adult female large breed spay!

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