FrankenPuppy part deux
img_2330.JPG For those of you who wanted to see what a spay incision on a 115lb mature bullmastiff looks like. Click for the full pic.

10 thoughts on “FrankenPuppy part deux

  1. Yeah, it’s much different than for a puppy. There is so much more tissue that needs to be removed.. and it’s loaded full of blood vessels.

    This is why we did this at three and not any older. The risk is much greater.

    With this breed, we went against what a lot of people said and waiting for them to mature to have the benefit of their estrogen for bone growth. They are so well built and are solid little dogs.

  2. She did a beautiful job. We were very pleased. Already, it’s fading. She had her stitches out on Friday and is very happy to be running around like a loon..

    I can almost hear her singing “No more heat pants! No more heat pants!”

  3. She’s back to her lunatic self. I can’t keep her still! Not that I need to any longer.

    Yesterday, she threw herself at the couch, flipped around in mid air and landed, nicely at my side facing forward.. then leaned in for a big kiss!

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