That 12 year old officially scared me.

Class was really exciting! There is still a lot I need to learn. Classes are ongoing so I have to catch up. I was supposed to have another private lesson on Monday but the holiday sort of threw the wrench into that.

Tonight, I did push ups for the first time in 20 years.. ow.

The best part, I think was the “target Practice”. We stood opposite each other .. the other beginners were little kids so I got to stand with the 12 year old who just got her brown belt.

So I throw punches at her chin and chest, without hitting her of course… and then we switched…

That sweet little girl turned into a viper. Oh My gawd… I had to close my eyes! She never hit me but I could feel the breeze off her punch and the energy behind it was incredible.

Yup… scared…

When we was done, she smiled at me… I think she got a little kick out of freaking out the “old lady”.