Alert! You may not know what’s in the Can!
A friend of mine has been feeding a new type of dog food to her dogs.  It's canned and she was using it to give them the Yucca Intensive I sold her.    She mixes it in and then mixes the canned food over the kibble. Anyway, her one dog, Ozzy  has allergies so she was using their "meat only" variety which should have been turkey and water.  That's it..  that's what on the can.  Two days later, Ozzy  started itching.. big time.  So she looked closer at the food and it has some sort of seeds spread through out it.  Not good... also not disclosed on the can.  So she tossed the can. I advised her to call the company.  She did and they said "Oh I don't know what that is.. do you have the lot number?".. she didn't because she threw the can out. She decided not to give this to her allergy dog but instead would feed it to her other dog, Suki. This morning, she opened a new can and looked through it and spotted something she thought might be a seed.  She pulls it out.. It's a piece of metal. Not a piece that could have come off the lid. (It's a pull tab lid: not opened by a can opener) It's a  piece of metal that's teardrop shaped and has what looks like a weld spot on it. This time she has the lot number and she is calling them today. I've not put the name of the company here specifically because I'm going to give them the opportunity to comment ot her. I considered today that we often inspect our own food before we eat it, subconciously or not.   It might be worth the extra few minutes to inspect our dogs food as well.

6 thoughts on “Alert! You may not know what’s in the Can!

  1. Woo! That’s not good to hear at all. Mom is verrrry picky about our food and sticks with the same natural/holistic brand(s) all the time but you’re right. You just never know and she will be taking a closer look at what’s in there from now on. Thanks for the paw’s up and we’d be very interested in an update on this story when more information becomes available.

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  2. Echo, what is alarming is that this is a “holistic” brand.. but one I’ve never heard of…

    I’ve not heard from her yet but as soon as I do, I’ll let you all know.

  3. Thanks Therese, fortunatley, it was an itty bitty piece and her dogs probably eat bigger sticks.. but still!

    I usually stick to the same brand.. my friend changes ALL the time.

  4. HOLY COW! I would be sooo mad if I found that in a can. I swear if it isn’t one thing, it’s another with the dog food scares. I sure hope she gets to the bottom of it!

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