Who has time?
Oh my dog.. I'm buried... Work is insane which is good since I get paid by the loan.. (only when they close.. oy!) and I'm up to my eyeballs here.. Allow me to give you a sample of my week Sunday: clean house.. A project in and of itself.. between doggy laundry and three drooly dogs.. that would be my day Sunday Monday: work until 5:15 (stay late for the guy who can't do anything quickly.. but he writes a lot of business.. so... ), run to the grocery story for the things we couldn't get at the other grocery store like the Garlic and Herb Turkey we like.. plus bananas.. we go through bananas like water. Run to Cheesecake Factory to pick up two slices for Shel's Birthday... which was Sunday. Shel is at the YMCA right now getting a lesson on all the equipment.. Me, I just finished practicing my Karate.. (ow.. but a good ow). Dinner in the oven.. I should be reading my assignment for school, but instead I'm blogging and looking at the Baystate Bullmastiff Website to check it for errors and content that needs to be added. Came out pretty good I think, but lots of little tweaky things that need to be fixed.. oh yes and also appeasing dogs who are frustrated about not getting a walk because of the snow. Tuesday: in the AM before work, run two dogs to Malta for Daycare (25 miles one way) then to work at 8:30AM. I'll finish up the stuff that didnt' get done today, plus hopefully cram through the stuff I've been warned about. Then off to Karate.. I'll get home aroun 7:30. Eat Dinner. Walk dogs.. homework, TV then bed. Wednesday: Free Day! Oh wait... laundry... ~sigh~ Thursday: repeat Tuesday but without the trip to Malta.. Karate etc.. Friday: Back to Malta... work until whenever, come home and make soup for Dr. Lesser's chiro clinic on Saturday. Saturday: Dr. Lesser's Chiro Clinic for Dogs. Shel and I work all day with her (although she does the work, really. We just hold dogs, run errands and help out with animal communication when necessary) Sunday.. ~sigh~ Clean house...

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