The Matzoh Ball Cabal
Matzoh Ball: a Jewish dumpling made of matzo meal; usually served in soup Cabal: a group of conspirators, a secret plot Yesterday, I felt awful.. just lousy.  So I knew what I needed.  Chicken Matzoh Ball Soup with egg noodles.  Jewish Penicillin.  I'm not Jewish, but I worked for 3 months in an authentic Jewish Deli and learned to love Matzoh Ball Soup..  and I served several seniors who swore by it's healing powers.  I agree.  It's phenomenal.  Case in point: Today I feel great (but I leftovers for lunch, just in case) I was never privy to the recipe at the deli (trade secret) so I had no idea how to make these wonderful gems at home.  The wonderful deli has since closed, so I'm stuck making my own soup. When Shel called at lunchtime to see how I was, I asked her to pick up a Matzoh Ball Mix so I could make them. The last time I made matzoh balls, they came out like little hard round stones.  If you've never had matzoh, they should be light fluffy dumplings.   After that disaster, I asked a coworker, the quintescential Jewish Mother.. I asked "Carol, how do you make your matzoh balls?  I used a mix and they came out terrible."  Her response: "Oh, everyone uses a mix!  I just use the instructions on the back of the box".   I have since learned that Carol must be part of the Cabal.  I hopped on my beloved Google Search yesterday afternoon, in search of the perfect Matzoh. I found this.  Proof of the Cabal. Thank the Gods for this Author!  I now know the secret to a perfect Matzoh!  (If you want to know, read the article.  I'm not spilling it!)  My Matzoh were wonderful, fluffy, tender and amazing. Thank you Jolie.  With your help, I've made the perfect Matzoh! I can't wait to tell Carol.

2 thoughts on “The Matzoh Ball Cabal

  1. When I was in college I worked at a Kosher Deli/catering business and grew to love Matzoh ball soup! I make it from time to time still. But my family doesnt really appreciate it like I do.

    Now I have the secret!!!! thank you!

    Lora’s last blog post..Grooming is HAAAARD work!

  2. Did you have to slice tongue? That was the part I had the hardest time with. Peeling and slicing the beef tongue and then steaming it for a hot tongue sandwich.


    There were days, though that we got so busy that I didn’t have time to eat.. that tongue actually started to smell good.

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