Finding the Divine in a Frog
I'm not sure how many of you know that I started this blog to promote my holistic health services for animals. I used to do Animal Communication and Reiki for Animals professionally. But that has fallen by the wayside for various odd and sundry reasons. (If you don't know what Reiki is, or just want to read some of my info click this link) That doesn't mean that I don't use Reiki and animal communication in my daily life. The exact opposite really. Before I start any Reiki session, I always say the following, usually not vocalizing. More of a silent message to the person or animal I'm sharing Reiki with. It was taught to me by my teacher and I love it.

I honor the Divine Within You This Energy Comes to you with Love You may accept it or reject it. Should you accept it, may you use it for your Highest and Greatest Good


This sets my intention to share Reiki, only if the recipient wants it, and reminds me th22411851.jpgat this is not about me or my abilities, but about the recipient and their choice to heal.


I got a little surpirse, when a frog asked me for Reiki.   I always said I believed that all creatures share in the Divine.

But a Frog.

A Wet Frog...

At work, we now have African Clawed Frogs. Yes, I work in an office, but these frogs belong to the owners daughter who went off to college and didn't want to care for them any longer. So they moved into work. They are cute and everything but they are dirty and smelly. Well at least they were until my coworkers got them into a nice aquarium. Then they were clean and smelly. But cute. And overly friendly now that they are in one aquarium instead of two plastic boxes. Lets just say that there was a conga line of frogs for about three days. Last night, I worked late since I was meeting friends for dinner right down the road. I decided to save the gas and just work a little unpaid overtime to catch up. Friday night, the place empties out at 5PM. So, it's just me and the frogs. I walked by the aquarium, not paying any attention when I hear "Hey!". I stopped in my tracks. "Hey!" More frantic this time. "What's going on?!?! What is all this?!?!" My dog.. it's the Frogs... well Frog (singular) actually. Jeff, the 7 year old is freaking out and swimming back and forth frantically trying to get my attention. (Incidentally, I believe Jeff is the girl) I crouch down and look and the tank is loaded with tadpoles. We don't have food for tadpoles. I know very little about frogs but I assume that there are a million of them because they aren't expected to survive, but still, this is disturbing to me. This is LIFE happening before my eyes... and these lives aren't long for this world. I swallow my sadness and put my attention to this frog. She's worried and confused. These are her babies. But she doesn't know what they are or how they got there, but yet she feels attached to them. I offer to share Reiki with her and she accepts. So I start my message, get as far as " I honor the Divine within you...." and realize that I'm not recognizing the Divine in this frog.. because on some level, I never really looked at frogs as Divine. Dogs, sure.. Cats, find one who isn't ... horses, absolutely. Frogs, snakes, lizards, spiders? All amazing beings, but Divine? No surprise that this frog is still flipping out and swimming like mad... panicked! I better find that Divinity quick! And then I really looked at her.... and put my hand against the glass... she came swimming over and hovered right where my hand was. She was beautiful... she was amazing.. she captured my attention and showed me how she was full of Divine Light. A creature of the Universe. And the Reiki just flowed from my hand. She settled down and swam off I promised to send her Reiki over the weekend, to help her through...... she was doing pretty well when I checked in on her today. I feel as though this experience, I've grown a little bit. Sure I could talk the talk, but evidently I had a little more difficulty walking the walk. She taught me something yesterday. Thank you, little froggie. I am honored to know you.

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  1. Hi,
    I have come from Joni, who tells me she has closed her blog for now.
    I was very interested in your comment on her post about her dog that passed away, & her little dog Cooper.
    We have a ‘problem dog’, Leo who we love dearly.
    He had got progressively more aggressive, & was beginning to feel he could bite people. I was very worried about him, & so have consulted a ‘Dog Whisperer’, though he doesnt call himself that.
    Leo is behaving much better, but my husband is in mourning for the old boisterous Leo, & he (Husband) is very miserable, so we are at odds. Not helpful for Leo!
    I would love to know more about communicating with him, as he is so loved. We have another little dog, who is older.
    Sorry to take up your blog.
    PS I have an absolute belief that all things are connected, & all contain the spark of the Divine. I have been treated with Reiki, & it was wonderful.

    meggie’s last blog post..Memories

  2. What a great story!!! I’ve had reiki before, just the other day after my pulled muscle as a matter of fact. And after our car accident. My Mum really believes in it. I had no idea you do Reiki and communication, that’s pawsome!

    Woofs, Johann

    Johann’s last blog post..Stretch!!!!!

  3. Hi Meggie,

    Sounds like your little guy might be torn as to who to make happy… how to be two different dogs at once! What your husband wants and what you want.

    I think the key here to to help Leo be the dog he is by acknowledging that he is a an individual. The tricky part will be to remember to keep pack order in the house.

    My suggestions to you are for you and your husband to find a way for Leo to still be boisterous but controlled.

    I recommend these two books:

    The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Animal Communciation

    And What All Good Dogs Should Know

    Consider chanelling that energy into something fun like Agility… something your husband could do with him.

  4. Thanks Johann,

    Yes, I’ve been using Reiki for over 10 years now. I love it and use it every day on myself and on my animals when they ask for it. And I use animal communication every day too! I ask my dogs to tell me what they want in their food.. what veggies or herbs etc.

  5. They have been seperated from the main tank and have been “adopted out”. Someone here is going to bring them home when we see how many make it to full fledged frogs.

    They are kind of cute… little eyeballs and tiny little organs in a see through glob.

  6. What a great gift you have been given to communicate and help all creatures. It is always wonderful when we can expand our minds and experience new and wonderful things. I hope this will help you develop your gift even more.

  7. I think the only gift is that I was fortunate (?) to spend much of my childhood without friends so I didn’t ever really shut off what comes naturally to people.

    It’s actually a skill.. not a gift.. and anyone can learn it. Much like anything else, some folks are just a little better at it. I can’t play piano, but not because the physical ability isn’t there… it’s more of a practice/natural skill thing.

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