Woo! I’m losing weight!
I got on the scale at the gym on Saturday and I've dropped 4 pounds in a month.  That's my goal.. a pound a week!   I've been working really hard at watching what I eat and making sure I get to class.  Heck, one day I cheated and had chocolate covered cherries but my calorie goal was still ok.  Go figure.  I've been looking for ways to add strength training in to my routines since my legs get very tired during class..   they want to buckle under the front kicks.  And by the time we get to side kicks, I'm ready to fall down.  Sensei reminded me to focus on my technique more than power.  I'm so excited to feel my body moving with energy that I got a little over excited.  Once I cooled it off a little, my front kicks got better.  I started doing dumbell swings with 2 5lb weights I happen to have lying around from my Denise Austin workout days.  Ow.  Who would have thought just swinging those things between your legs and up over your head would really make me work my thighs!

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