Books, couches – and cats! What more could you ask for???
My friend Ronnie does a lot of work with the area feral cat community.  She's a huge proponent of Trap, Alter and Release.  However, if the cat would be returned to an area where they would not be cared for (like an established Feral community that is checked in on regularly and fed on a daily basis), they try to find a way to adopt them out. As I'm sure you know, feral cats sometimes take a long time to warm up to people, if at all.   But if the cat has the slightest chance, Ronnie tries to find a way.One of the newest things her group is doing is finding ways for cats who don't do well at adoption clinics to be exposed to people and potential adoption. They have established a satelite site for adoptions.  A used book store!  How perfect!  This gives the cats the opportunity to get comfortable inside and warm up to people at their own pace. I got this email from Ronnie the other day, complete with Pictures
For those of you who know (or know of) my foster, Elsa, who was a feral from an Albany colony, I thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of her at Tea and Tattered Pages, the used bookstore in Glenmont that Sylvia set up as an "auxiliary adoption site". Elsa is a typical feral - although very outgoing with me, she's usually shy and somewhat frightened in new situations. Imagine how thrilled I am to see how well she's doing after only 3 days at T&TP!! She's now the queen of the store, has already started to greet customers when they go back to the bookshelves, and is the darling of the owner, Michele (who took these pictures and sent them to me). Last night I brought another of my fosters, Mischa, down to keep Elsa company - although if these pictures are any indication, Elsa didn't seem to mind having the place to herself, either! Thank you, Sylvia for setting this up - what a great resource this is for our shyer cats - and what a great foster mom Michele is! And if anyone ever wants to check out a great used bookstore, T&TP is it! Books, couches - and cats! What more could you ask for???

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If you are in the Albany/Glenmont NY Area, Stop by Tea and Tattered Pages.  They have a trade in program for books and did I mention cats?  You can also read their blog here. 

6 thoughts on “Books, couches – and cats! What more could you ask for???

  1. I wish someone would trap the feral community at my inlaws.. I cant even tell you how irritated I am with them.

    The neighbors have started their own feral community as well. The dad-gum things sit in the window and taunt my dogs (my dogs are not cat friendly and they are walking a very perilous tightrope doing so) and rip apart our trash. I catch them on the porch from time to time but they scurry off as soon as I open pop out the door. But then, my neighbor keeps his pitt tied up with a 10 foot chain too. Several people have complained, groups have contacted them, but they in no way shape or form will do anything to change it, even with offered help. One person even offered to take the dog and they just couldn’t “bare to part with it”.

    I am at my wits end with their whole lack of understanding and irresponsibility.

    Saint Lover’s last blog post..Yves Saint Bernard

  2. oh good grief, that would make me crazy. I’m sorry to hear you have to deal with this.

    I know we have a feral community on our block but they are well cared for. For the most part, they stick to their little area.. but they aren’t next door to me either.

    We have Gizmo who belongs to people who roams the streets and also comes up on my porch, but I’m fortunate that my dogs are pretty ok with him.

    The poor tied up dog would make me crazy. Maybe you could drop off some info from that organization against chaining dogs? Shoot.. I can’t remember their website.

  3. What a great effort on her part! I get so upset with people that just let their un-altered cats run amuck around the neighborhood. Cats want to be loved and indoors with their people. Don’t get me started!

    Echo’s last blog post..A Horse’s Legacy

  4. Thank you so much to you and sweet Ronnie for the kind words about my shop and the small part I am playing in helping kitties find forever families. Elsa and Mischa were our 6th and 7th for whom we have found homes.

    Elsa WAS my darling and I might have kept her forever as the shop kitty if she hadn’t been snapped up by a lovely family just seven days after she moved into the shop. I have heard from her Mom that she has turned into a bedtime cuddle bug and is quite close to being a pick-me-up and let-me-sit-on-your-lap kitty. Feral no more.

    Sweet and cuddly Mischa went to her forever family just days later. We barely got to know her beyond having her on our laps and rolling over so we could give belly rubs. Both girls lived with us at Tea & Tattered Pages for exactly one week but they will live in our hearts forever.

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