New Picture Page
I know, I know.. .. I promised to analyze Qor's scores for you.. but instead I got fooling around and put a photo gallery up.  You can use that link to get to it, or you can click the "Pics" page on the top nav bar.. or you can just enjoy the random image in the sidebar.  More pics to come as I move them over from my hard drive.   Thanks to the Gallery Project for this awesome plugin.  It was a snap to install. (This is why I LOVE hosting my own WordPress Blog....  all these fun toys!)

6 thoughts on “New Picture Page

  1. No fair!!! I went and got all my pups’s scores and waited breathlessly for analysis……

    Okay, pictures are way more fun! But I’m holding you to the eventual “all will be explained”

    Hope’s last blog post..Nap time!

  2. Thanks Lynn…. Chaos actually doesn’t trust me a bit! I have to sneak up on her to get those shots…

    Well, that’s not exactly true.. she trusts me more now than she did 5 years ago…. she’s slowly warming up to me.

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